Friday, August 23, 2013


  • In language and language my group and I done a presentation about Greece. I found a lot of information about the celebrations in Greece.
    These are some celebrations I found in Greece.

    Greek Independence day
The day they started the revolutionary war against the Turks in March 25th in 1821, the greek people have military parades all over the country.
  • Ohi Day
Meaning Day of no in honour to the negative answer of the Greek people when the Italians asked them to surrender in World War II.  Ohi Day is celebrated each year on October 28.
  • Athens Epidaurus Greek Festival

The Athens Epidaurus Festival is celebrated every summer from June to August and includes different performances, like modern theatre, acient drama, ballet and more. The events are in different theaters around Athens and the Ancient theatre of Epidaurus .

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  1. Well done
    Catherine on our People of sprain. I like your whole work you did about your People of Spain work.