Monday, August 19, 2013

Cross Country

“On your marks get set GO!” off I went, I was jogging with Genevieve then down the hill I started picking up the paste. Today our school had cross country. Cross Country is a long distance running event, when our school hosts this event we do it according by age. I started going faster I went past the first teacher there is six boys in front of me, I'm nearly there then Mr Coakley yells out, “Come on Catherine you're doing well you're nearly there one more round”.  I get past Mr Coakley.

I'm nearly there I have one more round. Then I start running really fast.  I look back and there is no one there then I start jogging I'm at the top of the hill and I start walking down. When I get to the end of the road I start running and I finish off the cross country course.

I'm at the front of the school and I'm jogging up to the finish line. I come first place in the twelve year old girls.

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