Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What makes us different from Gods creation ?

I think what makes us different to God’s creation is that we know who God is.  We have souls. When God first created us he breathed his spirit into us.  So if humans die their bodies are gone but their spirit lives on.  Animals are different when they die their spirit does not live on because they don't have a soul.  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


At technology I am in hard material group we use things like wood, metal, screws, and hammers and different things like that. In my hard materiel class I am making a candle light lamp stand. Today I was designing how my candle light lamp stand would look like. I am looking forward to making my candle light lamp stand and taking it home.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Swimming Experience

Today I had a first swimming lesson with some of the students in my class. We played a game and we did a star float, we did streamline and we also did free styling.

I enjoyed my time swimming with the students in my class especially splashing around. I enjoyed every bit of swimming.

Monday, June 17, 2013

God Strand

What does God want from me ?

God wants me to have courage and faith to stand up for my rights and for myself.

What is stopping me from what God wants me to do ?

I am stopping myself because I listen to other people and I don't follow what I want and I'm scared of what other people think.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Description about me

I am a young tall and a medium built girl, I’d probably say that I am the tallest girl in my class.  I have natural brown straight long hair.  I have hazel eyes.  My skin colour is light brown.

I am very talkative when i’m with my friends.
I love spending time with my family especially my friends.  When i’m with my friends I feel like they are my sisters.

I am a very sporty person I love playing sports like Netball and Rugby but not so much of rugby any more.

I love listening and playing music.  When I play on my guitar I feel like i’m in my own world.

Description about Salome

Friends is someone you can trust, someone you can go to when you're down or if you need someone to talk to. Salome is my friend that I go to for those things. She has natural black curly short hair.  She has nice brown eyes, her eyes shine when it reflects in the sun. She is short and slim.  
Salome is very talented, she is good at playing netball, She is very artistic, and she is smart in her reading and writing subject’s.
Salome is a kind, funny, strong girl there is never a time that I see her without a smile, her smile is always there to cheer me up.  Whenever I am down she always has a way of making me laugh.