Thursday, March 21, 2013

Athletics Experience

On Friday we had Athletics and we celebrated mass with our soul friends. I couldn't wait until mass had finished  because we were going to have Athletics. When the electric bell rang for morning tea,  I quickly got changed into my clothes for Athletics.   I was excited to run and do the obstacle course.  I liked doing the obstacle course even though we didn't win, but I had fun.  The best event that I liked was running.
When it was time for the 12 year olds to race, I quickly jumped up and walked very fast to the starting line.  I was competing against two girls Maxine, and Genevieve.  When Mr Gaffney was getting us ready to run I was starting to get butterfly's in my stomach.  “On your marks, Get set, GO !” off we went I was running really  fast behind me was Genevieve and after her was Maxine.  I got to the end and I came first place.  The teacher Mrs Hogans gave me my ribbon for first place.  That was a exciting experience.  

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