Thursday, March 21, 2013

Athletics Experience

On Friday we had Athletics and we celebrated mass with our soul friends. I couldn't wait until mass had finished  because we were going to have Athletics. When the electric bell rang for morning tea,  I quickly got changed into my clothes for Athletics.   I was excited to run and do the obstacle course.  I liked doing the obstacle course even though we didn't win, but I had fun.  The best event that I liked was running.
When it was time for the 12 year olds to race, I quickly jumped up and walked very fast to the starting line.  I was competing against two girls Maxine, and Genevieve.  When Mr Gaffney was getting us ready to run I was starting to get butterfly's in my stomach.  “On your marks, Get set, GO !” off we went I was running really  fast behind me was Genevieve and after her was Maxine.  I got to the end and I came first place.  The teacher Mrs Hogans gave me my ribbon for first place.  That was a exciting experience.  


Triathlon Experience

In the past two days I had the chance to experience triathlon for the first time.  A triathlon is a three sport event that has Swimming, Cycling, and Running.  When we started the triathlon I was leading the race I was peddling really fast I jumped off the bike and started running I was still in the lead.  When I was nearly to the finish line I started to slow down.  I came first place for the girls.  That was a fun experience

Soul Friends Mass

On the Feast Day of Saint Patrick,  St Pius X Catholic School had a mass with our soul friends. Soul Friends are friends who share their feelings and things together.   My soul friend’s name is Marcus.   Father Ioane blessed us with our soul friends.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Writing goals

I am learning to improve my writing.
1. By identifying the subject and the predicate the sentence.
example: After school Daniel was walking home.
Daniel is the subject, Was walking home is the predicate.  

2. Adding adverbs to my writing.
Changing some verbs into more interesting vocabulary.
EXAMPLE: Daniel walked home slowly.

Bio Poem

Tall, Athletic, Energetic,  
Sibling of Akata, Sitani, Lance, Singa, Sefo, Moli, Ofa
Lover of Rugby, Tag, Touch
Who fears Snakes

Resident of Castledine Crescent Glen Innes
Who gives help when needed
Would like to see my family happy and having fun