Tuesday, July 24, 2012

French Week 1

This week in French we learn't how to greet someone. Here is an activity that I did, Two people were having an English conversation and I translated it into French.

EnglishRoller: Hello MimiMimi: Hello RollerRoller: How are you?Mimi: I’m ok, how are you?Roller: I’m good.FrenchRoller: Bonjour MimiMimi: Bonjour Roller Roller: Ca va ? Mimi: Comme ci, comme ca, Ca va ?.Roller: Ca va bien Mimi: Salut RollerRoller: Salut MimiMimi: Ca va ?Roller: Ca va ma, Ca va ? Mimi: Ca va bien

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Faith Assembly

Today Room 7 was leading the school assembly. Our virtue was about Faith.Ofa and Dorothy were the presenters, Siliva, Angelica, And I were the news people. Room 7 had two practices of the assembly we were having technical difficulties.Until the bell rang !.I played a very important part in the assembly I was the announcer.

When Ofa started us off with a prayer I was getting very nervous,Then Dorothy ended us with a bible reading,I was getting even more scared Angelica said, “Its alright I'm scared to we can do it”.

The Intro from the news came on and then up goes the paper on with the glasses and were on live.Angelica says the first part then Siliva then me.I start to get nervous and I muck up a little but I start getting use to sitting up in front of the whole school and talking.

Then the videos go onto the screen and then all the classes show up.Finally its time for room7 the kings of rap time to go up and start our rap.Then the song.Mr Coakley was called up to give out the certificates.Then Mrs Pole called out the caught being goods.Mr Coakley stands up and says a few notices, The two girls Ofa and Dorothy say a few more words.

Then we finished the assembly off with the Virtues song.

My highlight for the assembly was sitting up at the desks and being the news presenters.