Friday, May 4, 2012

Blood Brothers

On Thursday, after morning tea the year 7 people in room 7 and one person from room 6 went to Selwyn to watch the Blood Brothers. When we got to Selwyn we had to wait a little while the performers get ready and in their places. We finally get into the theater Mrs Glesson says for us to go to the bathroom because it will take quite a while.

I walked inside the theater. It felt a bit cold. Kohimarama school comes in and joins us to watch the show. Then the show begins and I start to have butterflies. People started singing I was getting a bit scared the singing was very loud to my ears, my ears were about to blow up. When the singing was finished the real action started.

The lights turn off and the narrator walks in looking very scary I was holding on tight to the chair. Then he speaks in an Irish low voice. In 1960 a woman Mrs Johnstone was a poor lady with her family she couldn’t pay any bills her husband walks away from her to another lady.

Later on Mrs Johnstone takes a job as a cleaner for a rich couple Mr and Mrs Lyons. She finds out that she is pregnant with twins but she can't afford to have two other children. Mrs Lyons really wants to have a baby but it can't happen. Mrs Lyons has an idea !. Because Mrs Johnstone can not afford to have another two Mrs Lyons suggests that Mrs Johnstone gives one of the babies to Mrs Lyons. Mrs Lyons picks on Mrs Johnstone and says if the twins find out they are brothers bad things will come to you !!.

Seven years later Mickey the son of Mrs Johnstone meets Edward the other twin but yet they both don’t know they are twins and they become friends and while their talking Edward would say something and Mickey says the same thing like their birthday. Soon the two friends become blood brothers.

Mrs Lyons is worried about Edward being friends with Mickey. She wants to move her family far away from Mickey and his family.

1967 Mickey's family move to the inner city slum area of Liverpool to a new house in the town of Skelmersdale.

The acting stops and I thought it was over but they were just taking a break till the next act.


1974 Eddie and Mickey are now 14 years old, they bump into each other and become friends again

Four years later Eddie leaves for university but not before encouraging Mickey to ask out Linda. During Eddie’s absence around the turn of the 1980’s Mickey is made redundant from his factory job. Mickey soon finds out that Lind is pregnant and they decide to get married.

Eddie comes back for christmas ready to have a party and to have fun, but Mickey realizes that they are different. Mickey is poor he needs money. Mickey assists his brother Sammy in a robbery that goes wrong and becomes to a murder committed by Sammy. He is put in prison for seven years. Soon Mickey starts taking anti depressants and turns from Linda. She is very worried about Mickey and soon she meets up with Eddie. Eddie's mum sees them together and tells Mickey about it. Mickey is angry over Eddie and Linda’s innocent affair confronts Eddie.

Mickey is about to shoot Eddie and Mrs Johnstone tells the two brothers the truth. Mickey doesn't care about Eddie anymore he points the gun right to his chest. Mickey shoots Eddie accidentally killing him then the police shoots Mickey. Mrs Lyons knew something like this would happen and the narrator whether the class was more to blame?.

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