Monday, September 19, 2011

So did you see me in Hamilton?

Thursday was the best day, My mum woke me up and my sister.We got ready, we had breakfast and before to long we went to my dads friend’s house and picked him up along with his wife.

We went to the bank and it wasn't opened and my dad said, “we will go on without some cash until we get to Hamilton and go stop in there”. When we finally got to Hamilton we got off the car and walked to the bank and and a little walk. When we went back to the car I said “mum when will we be at Nana's house?” she said “in about 10 minutes”.

We finally got there my dad drove right past it and I said “dad we just drove right past Nana’s house” so we reversed back.

I got out of the car and went and hugged my Nana. Next once I had settled in I went to plug in the Internet but then I realised that I forgot the extra plug at home. My sister said, “ that’s alright “ we will bring it next time. After that I asked my Nana “if my sister and I could play on the PlayStation she said “yes”. I played for a really long time.

Later we had lunch, I stopped playing with the game and started playing a game with my aunties cat. Soon my Nana said “Catherine do you want to stay ? I said “yes” but my mum said “no”, cause you need to go school and go to your practise.My Nana said “you can come next time when we have another family BBQ”.

We left Hamilton and started our journey riding back to Auckland and I woke up as we pulled into our drive way. I looking forward to my next visit to Nana place.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The mysterious well

Kohanui Street was a fabulous Street. Many people always wanted too walk down the street with their families. Often strangers from other parts of town came as well. You would never think it wasn’t a good place too walk.

Samara was a girl who lived by herself in a two story house and never slept. She always gazed outside her window keeping an eagle eye out for uninvited visitors. On a Saturday morning, a little girl named Emily and her friend Charlotte walked pass Samara’s house. They were bouncing a ball, then the ball landed on Samara’s grass.

Emily walked on Samara’s lawn and Samara climbed out of the well like a spider. Samara was out of the well like a flash and grabbed the little girl and headed back to the well with Emily. The look on Charlotte's face was indescribable, no one would have recognised her if they had been there.

Charlotte ran home and told her parents, but when she got there she discovered that they had gone on vacation and left a baby sitter. She told the baby sitter what had happened and described what Samara was wearing and what she looked like. Charlotte said, “she had red eyes, long hair that covers her face and her back, her hair was really long and she climbed out of the well like a spider and grabbed Emily”. The baby sitter angrily said, “Go to your room!”.