Friday, June 24, 2011

This is me...Catherine!!

I am athletic.
I wonder if i can touch the sky.
I hear the birds twitting in the morning.
I see lollies everywhere.
I want to have a trampoline.
I am athletic.

I pretend I am in a Holden.
I feel the wind blowing past me.
I touch the door.
I worry when my mum is sick.
I cry when people hurt my feelings.
I am athletic.

I understand what my teacher says to me.
I say cool.
I dream about eating heaps of chocolate.
I try to be more like my sister.
I hope my Nana is alright.
I am athletic.

Anzac letter

4 April 1916

76 Blue Lagoon Dr
Western Districts

Dear Mum,

I miss being back home as this place is far from home and familiar things. So much mud in the trenches these days with countless hours of rain each day. We worry about illness all the time.
Some guys from our team has died with a few not fatally injured but we’re in shock. You have to keep your eyes and ears open as those other guys (the enemy) throw grenades to us and the canons shells always land so close to our positions. However we also have the additional worry of the air force dropping bombs, so much killing. By the way Len Coley from Palmerston North says hi.

See you soon may God bless you.