Friday, May 6, 2011

Birthday Blessing

 Tuesday afternoon I went home and my cousin said to go have a shower and come and look after baby.So I went for a quick shower and got my clothes ready. When I went to my cousins room I took the baby and went and watched t.v.

When she finished getting her other kids ready she called me to take baby back.

When I came back Mum came back from work, she asked, “Where is the baby?”. I said “he’s in the room getting ready”.

My cousin asked for my Mum’s help, she said to wait in the living room. She only needed help wrapping the Tongan mat. While they were wrapping that the Priest was waiting outside and Mum called him in. He walked with a folder and a bible. Mum said “when your ready father we will start”.

He looked for the birthday blessings, he found it and then we started. After prayers my brother walked in with his friend I never knew it was his birthday too. When they came in my Mum said “hurry, cause we are leaving at 5:30”, He said “wait, I’ll have a quick shower”.

When he finished he said “mum you go and I’ll wait here for Sefo”, my Mum said “your a waste of time”. So all of us went in the car and drove off to Alexandra Park.

When we got there my Mum said to the lady that she had booked 12 people for dinner. The lady got out the booking book and looked and there was nothing. My mum said that it was all right and instead we went to K.F.C and got take aways. We went home and just had a BBQ. My brother brang home his friend and he said, “Mum Mone is having his birthday today to”. My mum said, “O happy birthday Mone”. I said, “You should of came before so we could bless Mone too”. My brother and Mone had a couple of drinks then we started eating. I thought that the food was really good I said, “Thanks Mum for the food”, She replied back, “your welcome” and she also asked did I have enough too eat. I said, “Yes Mum”. I sat in the lounge with my Mum, my older cousin and the priest. My Mum said, “Go sleep for school”, So I went and the Priest was calling my name. He said, “do you want too go to Tong”a I said “no thanks father”, he said, “Do you wanna go any where else?”. He said “do you want too go Australia?” I said “yes please”. So we made a deal and he said “so I will see you in November okay” I replied “okay”. So I went back to the room and I told my sister and she was really jealous. I woke up again and heard the baby crying and screaming so I went and picked up the baby and rocked him back too sleep. After that I went too sleep my self.

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