Monday, April 4, 2011

Athletics day at St Pius X Catholic School

Friday the 18 of march was a fun day. The whole school took part of our annual athletics. Enter-house competition. When the bell rang most of the senior girls rushed into the girls bathroom.When I was ready, one of the leaders from my group Keas gave out blue ribbons and paint. As this was our house colour then the second bell rang for athletics to gather .The school lined up Tuis in their red and Keas on the left side around the hall and Geckos and Kiwis with their various shades of green and yellow went on the right side of the hall as they marched with their banners and flags. When we got to the field there were some of the older kids that set out the tarpaulins under the shade of the trees. We all sat down on the tarpaulins the girls set us into ages but then it all went wrong we just sat down any where. Soon it was time to settle down Mr Coackley made an opening address to those that had gathered for the games, our version of the Commonwealth games athletics, thanking the parents and all that staff.

Mrs Pole was the announcer and called out the five year old boys and girls. Our team tried to find the five year old kids ,it was like I'm not five I'm five I'm not five and it was really annoying having to tell them to sit down so the older boys took them. The next lot went and the next and the next when Mrs Pole called out too bring the ten year old I was really nervous , I was so scared . I walked really slowly and the girls behind me told me too hurry up.So when we got to the man that told us the instructions at the start line he said, “can I have the ten year old boys here and girls here”, but we still had to stay in our group colours.

when Mr Gaffney , said on your marks get set GO i was running and puffing at the same time and my brother said, “run Catherine run” .When I got to the finish line one of the teachers gave me a stick I had a green stick for coming second.

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