Thursday, March 31, 2011

Netbook Experience

On tuesday morning mrs burt and mrs G walked in with two boxes. We quickley done prayers mrs oldfield done a bible reading a quick prayer and we were done. Then Mrs oldfield read out a contract that we signed she said, "just read over and when Mrs G and Mrs Burt come they will help you sign the contract.

When Mrs G walked in with Mrs burt i felt really funny, and excited. mrs G talked to us about safety and how to work a net book. Mrs G and Mrs Burt helped us sign the contract.Mr Coackley talked some more about not leaving it on the edge and not on the seat.Then we got to the part when the teachers gave out the net books.i felt so happy then room 6 had a big count down from ten to zero with our turn on fingers.

when the net books turned on a picture showed up of Manaikalani. Mrs G already said that it will do that the net book said in a little box that it wants to know more about us. so we did our user name it was just the first part of our we did our password.