Friday, November 8, 2013

Communion of Saints

Testing Week

This week we’ve been doing testing we call it “testing week”. We had different sorts of tests such as, Star test, Maths test, Reading test, and Writing test.

When I started with my first test I was really nervous then going on to the next tests I felt confident. I think I did well I don't think I will be at my expected level but I did try my best that’s the important part.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Last day of the Holidays

Wow the holidays have gone by so fast.
I've had some fun not being at school being free, doing whatever I want, sleeping in, and going out.  Now going back to school getting ready for the last term of the year and sadly my last year at Saint Pius X School.

Getting ready for school cant wait to see everyone at school. The last term of awesome learning at Saint Pius X.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

First week of the Holidays

First week of the Holidays have already past. 

For the first week of the holidays I went to a holiday programme down at school I was leading it with one of the other girls Angelica.

The holiday programme is a lot of fun you meet new people and there are a lot of games to play and activities to do. 

Halamehi the lady that runs the holiday programme provides us with food and things to play with.

We play all sorts of games like bench ball, jockeys  cat n mouse, Chinese whispers, quiz games, and song games. Some
 games that we played were really intense when the big kids played they were so fast and big especially when it came to the games cat n mouse and jockeys.

Some times the groups would go and come up with a chant, a song, they have to have two soloist to sing, and two dancers for a dance off.

On the last day of holiday programme Halamehi always has something for everyone she gives treats for the star people, the leaders get their treat, the teams get their own feed, and the ones who led the holiday programme gets a treat too.

Its fun watching everyone laughing and catching up with each other and seeing everyone just having fun.

Cant wait for the next holiday programme.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fraction Number line

Today I learnt the order of Fractions using the number line.

Place the fractions in the box below in correct place on the number line below.
3   7   2
4  12  3
                               7/12 |
      |              |    |         |    
    2/3          2/3  3/4    3/4

2/3     3/4    7/12

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

People of Spain

Spanish people are proud of their culture.  Their family live's are very important. Big families usually get together and they have lunch or supper till late.  Evenings are also a time for families to go for a walk, window shopping and meeting friends.

In Spain most people are Roman Catholic but there are also Protestants, Muslims and Jews.
Spain is divided into different regions and they each have their own traditions like folk costume and styles of cooking.  Some regions like Catalonia and the Basque region have their own flags and languages too.

Spanish children start school when they are two or three years old and stay until they are sixteen.
Then they start training for work or study longer so they can get ready for college and university.  Spanish children usually have two surnames from their mothers and their fathers name.  

Friday, August 23, 2013


  • In language and language my group and I done a presentation about Greece. I found a lot of information about the celebrations in Greece.
    These are some celebrations I found in Greece.

    Greek Independence day
The day they started the revolutionary war against the Turks in March 25th in 1821, the greek people have military parades all over the country.
  • Ohi Day
Meaning Day of no in honour to the negative answer of the Greek people when the Italians asked them to surrender in World War II.  Ohi Day is celebrated each year on October 28.
  • Athens Epidaurus Greek Festival

The Athens Epidaurus Festival is celebrated every summer from June to August and includes different performances, like modern theatre, acient drama, ballet and more. The events are in different theaters around Athens and the Ancient theatre of Epidaurus .